Picture caption talk: No.1

Today’s post is going to be a little different. Once per month, I’m going to insert a photo in my post, and you have to make a caption to go along with the photo. Then I will choose the best caption to add to the photo. I thought this one would be a pretty easy one to start with, just to get the hang of Picture Caption Talk. I really hope everyone enjoys the Picture Caption Talk and tries their hardest. Some pictures will be very funny, and I hope some people can think of some will lots of humour. I’m really excited to see what people can come up with!


So, this month’s picture is…


Da da da da!



Image: ‘. The square peg never could quite+fit+in+the+round+hole….+Flying+to+the+Beat+of+a+Different+drummer!


Very weird, I say!

My caption is:

Come on Barry, keep up!

Get your thinking caps on, fill it with lots of humour and wit, and good luck!

Another idea I will have is that whoever leaves really quality comments and makes a few captions will be named the Picture Caption Talk blogger of the month. Jess also had the idea to have the Mystery Picture Blogger of the week.

What do you think of the Picture Caption Talk?

What’s your caption?

Do you think Picture Caption talk blogger of the month is a good idea?