On Thursday 9th August, 13 students of Leopold Primary School participated in the Victorian Primary School Golf Championship.

The event was held at Torquay golf club and organised by Tony Collier, a Victorian professional golfer and helped by our very own Mr Stribley.

I woke up and it was pouring out there! I knew this was going to be a tough day in the rain and wind!

When I got there with Dad, the Leopold Primary kids got together and we all went up in the lift. We were met up the top by the one and only Tony Collier, he told us all the rules and gave us maps of the course so we knew where to go. Some of the rules were…

Once you had 10 shots, that was your score for that hole. You couldn’t take anymore than 10 shots.

If your ball landed in a bunker, you had 2 shots to get it out of there. if you didn’t get it out of there in 2 shots, you just simply placed it on the edge of the grass next to the bunker.

So off we all went off in groups of three with people from your school. Now let me make this very, very CLEAR. It poured and poured and poured and then it poured some more. It was endless! Then with 2 holes to play, it finally stopped, as if someone was playing a mean trick on us. But it just goes to show you the character of the Leopold students every single student that entered finished.

My score over 7 holes was 46, but the my average over nine holes was 53.  My score on each hole was around 4, 5, or 6. Connor, from Grade 6 came first, with an outstanding score of 36.


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I like to play golf, just as much as tennis. I love sports:




I love all sports as they keep you very fit!

Overall I came second, which means I made it to the State Regional Final held at the end of this month. I am very excited and I am eager to practise and do well at this special event! Connor will also be playing in this event and it will be held at Curlewis. (Weather permitting, ha ha!)

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