A special tribute to Kim Clijsters



Farewell, my champion!


Full name:   Kim Antoine Lode Clijsters

Birthdate:    8th June, 1983

Birthplace:  Blizen, Belgium

Residence:    Bree, Belgium

Married to:   Brian Lynch, USA basketballer

Children:  Daughter, Jada age 4

Turned pro:   17th August, 1997, age 14 (WOW!)

Plays:   Right handed, two handed backhand

Height:    174cm

Career prize money:   $22,442,340

Career titles:   41 titles

Grand Slam history:   4 Grand slams, 3 US Opens, 2005, 2009, 2010. 1 Australian Open, 2011.

Retired:   2nd September, 2012

Career record:   523 wins – 127  losses

Career high singles ranking:   No.1  11th August 2003, 20 weeks.

Career high doubles ranking:   No.1  4th August 2003, 4 weeks.

 Favourite surface:   Plexicushion, DecoTurf.


You don’t have to love tennis to love Kim Clijsters, what’s not to love, she’s all class on and off the court 


September, 2012, Kim Clijsters played her last match on the WTA Tour, the US Open. Kim easily won her first round match against Victoria Duval from the USA, 6-3, 6-1. But, the second round was a whole different story. Kim was up against Australian born, Laura Robson, who now plays for the UK. It would prove to be an amazing match that would come down to the wire. Kim would stun her with one of her unbelievable forehands, but the left-handed, Robson, did just the same. Groundstroke for  groundstroke, volley for volley, it sure was a nailbiting match. (One that made me late for school that day) Robson, was the victor, and leaving poor Kimmy defeated in her last WTA event, 7-6, 7-6.


Although, maybe it’s not all over yet. Kim has a special farewell match on the 12th of December, against Venus Williams in Belgium. This is called ‘Kim’s thankyou games’. It’s a night to be filled with music, giveaways for everyone in the audience, and of course, tennis.


My memories of Kim will stay forever and ever, traveling with me wherever I go. I still remember watching her in the 2012 Aussie Open, where I was lucky enough to get my tennis ball signed by her. It holds pride of  place in my room. When I watched Kim play, I am overwhelmed with her power and determination and her wide split shots always have me pumping my fists. Kim has given me more than just great tennis to watch. She has inspired me  to dream big, never give in and above all, be strong and confident on and off the court.


The end of a legends era, and the beginning of a new chapter, good luck, my champion!


Some photos are from Flickr CC, others are my own.



Do you have a favourite athlete?

What inspires you about that person?

Do you have a goal for something you are passionate about?

7 thoughts on “A special tribute to Kim Clijsters

  1. Dear Liv,

    I am always impressed by your writing, but this post is just amazing! Your expressive language is simply wonderful and your passion for tennis and Kim shines through.

    You certainly know a lot about tennis, and particularly Kim Clijsters. I can see why she is your role model, she is a very gracious and humble person…and a fabulous tennis star!

    Do you play tennis in a similar style to Kim?

    Keep up the terrific work, Liv. I will miss your writing next year. I think you will become an amazing author one day! 🙂

    Your teacher,
    Miss Jordan

    • Dear Miss Jordan,

      Thankyou for visiting my blog! I’m always excited to get a comment from you.

      I am extremely passionate about my writing, but even more so about my tennis.

      Kim is a wonderful role model for me on the tennis court and you are a wonderful role model for me in the classroom. I’m a very lucky girl!

      I sure do play tennis in a similar style to Kim, and I sure love how I do! I always have wanted to be just like her. Kim is known for her powerful hitting and my coach has just said the same thing about me! Yay!

      I will miss your teaching next year too. Ever thought of teaching Grade 5’s?…


      • Dear Liv,

        Thank you, that is very kind to say I am a role model for you.

        When it comes to role models, I am sure I will be telling my 2013 students about the wonderful work you and the other 4KJ students achieved with me this year!

        You are working so hard on your tennis at the moment. I’m sure your coach is very happy with your progress. It sounds like your powerful hitting is a real asset for you on the court.

        I’m sure you’ll have a great year next year too, and I hope you come to visit! 🙂

        Your teacher,
        Miss Jordan

  2. Dear Liv,

    Wow what an excellent post, You are such a role model for blogging!

    Yay you have finally put up a new post, I have been waiting for this ever since you put the book review post.
    All of your posts are so amazing I just love all the effort you put in your posts, you are amazing!

    In am so depressed that Kim Ciljisters retired, it is just so upsetting that your role model retired, but then again these things happen and sometimes you just have to deal with it.

    Well I don’t really have a sports role model because sport isn’t really my goal, but I do have a role model and I think you know who it is……

    Taylor Swift!

    Taylor is my role model because I want to become a famous pop singer like Taylor Swift. She is a pop/country singer but I just want o be pop. I also want to be the Aussie Taylor Swift.

    Being a pop singer is probably my goal.

    Hmmmmm… what inspires me, that is a hard one, well probably that she is all I want to be and that she never gives up and gets to her goal.


    • Dear Jess,

      Thankyou for your terrific comment! You are also a great role model for blogging.

      I know, I’m so glad I put a post up too. I have been really busy, and just haven’t had time. I knew that just one day I would put up a post about Kim Clijsters. Did you see I changed my header, and did you see what it’s about?

      Yeah, same here. You know how depressed you feel, I feel 10 times worse. She was my favourite player ever. Since I ever started playing tennis at age 8, I admired her and inspired by Kim. You just have to deal with it sometimes, like 2nd September, 2012…

      I think that Taylor Swift is an amazing role model for you, as you love singing just like Taylor. She is an outstanding singer and I think that if you dream big you can achieve your goal. I’d love to see you be the Aussie Taylor Swift.

      I agree, Taylor Swift always tries hard to achieve her dreams and never gives up. She is really an amazing person.

      Your friend,
      Liv 🙂

  3. Dear Liv,
    Excellent post! I really enjoyed reading all of the facts and details about Kim Clijters. Tennis is a great sport, and very fun to play. I am honestly not all that great, but all I care about is having fun 🙂

    It’s so cool that you play tennis, too! It is so cool that you got to watch Kim play. She seems like a great role model.

    You have a a great, positive attitude, and I am sure you will be able to do anything you set your mind to! Also, thanks for checking out my blog!

    Your Blogging Buddy,
    Emma 🙂

  4. Dear Emma,

    Thank you for your terrific comment! I hope we can make good connections through blogging again.

    That’s the same here! I really like to just have fun at tennis, and that’s when you actually play well. I really do agree, tennis is a great sport. I started playing it at age 8.

    I believe that your favourite sport is horse riding, is that correct? It’s just that when I looked at your blog for the first time and just had a quick look at all the posts, it looked like you liked horse riding.

    I like horse riding too, but not as much as tennis! For my 8th birthday, I visited Wallington Park for a private horse riding lesson and it was AWESOME! I’d really like to try it again.

    Kim sure is a great role model to me. Before I published this post, did you know about Kim Clijsters? The way she conducts herself on court is truly amazing.

    Thank you so much for saying I have a positive attitude! Guess what! So do you! You are a kind and confident person and I love your attitude too.

    Keep on checking my blog!

    Your blogging buddy down under,
    Liv 😆

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